SF airport protestors call for accountability in detainment of Filipino activist Jerome Aba

SAN FRANCISCO — It’s been one year since human rights activist Jerome Aba was detained by Customs at San Francisco International Airport, and allegedly tortured, before being sent back to the Philippines.

Filipino American activists and their allies staged a protest at the airport, demanding accountability to the alleged mistreatment.

Protesters here say Customs is just another arm that is controlled by the anti-immigrant agenda put forth by the Trump administration.

“We’re seeing right now the creation of a black site government, a government that works on secrecy, that goes right to the top of one person in control of forces of homeland security. Right now, Homeland Security is completely leaderless except for Donald Trump at the very top.”

According to organizers, Aba continues his advocacy of calling out human rights violations in the Philippines; however, he is experiencing trauma from the ordeal he went through.

Airport authorities meanwhile did not give a comment regarding the protest.

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  • Tiago Del Mundo
    23 April 2019 at 2:38 am - Reply

    According to Mojadad (2018) of SFWeekly, Aba was detained at SF Airport because of a technical glitch on his visa and that he has ties to terrorist organizations – the REAL reason for denying his entry into the U.S., thus deporting him back to the Philippines. I do not understand how Bayan USA or Anakbayan made it here in the SF Bayarea where in fact they have connection with Jose Maria Sison – CPP-NPA founder, It is kinda hypocritical, isn’t it?

    The real problem is that Aba is not man enough to admit of the real reasons why he was detained and deported, instead, he going around in collusion with Anakbayan or Bayan USA and are irresponsibly feeding the public with lies. If I was the ICE Agent at the time, I would have told Aba and those annoying immigrant advocates to just go home and plant more “KAMOTE”…