Severe winter storm warnings as Houston experiences intense cold, icy, sleet road conditions

by Cheryl Piccio, ABS-CBN news

HOUSTON, TX — For the second time this month, Houston officials and residents are bracing themselves for another round of intense cold and icy roads. The National Weather Service has issued a severe winter storm warning.


Temperatures fell below freezing throughout the day on tuesday with the rain gradually changing over to a wintry mix of snow, sleet and ice.

Hazardous road conditions are being blamed for one death and over 500 crashes on Houston streets and county highways.

Houston officials urged residents not to venture out of their homes unless necessary.

“The number of road crashes has exponentially increased. And the road conditions are going to get worse between now into tomorrow,” Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner.

“It is important for the community to realize that if you don’t stay off the streets you are putting yourself and others at risk, including first responders,” said police chief Art Acevedo.

Fil-Am cargo businesses are particularly impacted by the weather and dangerous road conditions. Travel is hazardous. Bringing pickups and deliveries to a near standstill.

“As you can see wala pong masyadong boxes ngayon. The reason being is because it is very dangerous out there and kailangan mo namin I-cancel ang mga pick up appointments po namin. This is for our safety,” said business owner Joel Bamba.

“It makes no sense to put your employees in harms way unless it is absolutely necessary that they be at work. So, I would encourage every employer to take that into consideration,” said Hon. District Judge Ed Emmet.


Houston is not the only city feeling the sting of winter. High water levels combined with ice in Revere, Massachusetts lead to cars on city streets being completely immobilized in ice.

A similar scene in Connecticut showed chunks of ice floating down the housatonic river, flooding homes and forcing evacuations.

Old man winter is not retiring anytime soon. With tempertatures dropping just about everywhere, people should begin to warm up to the idea that spring is still a long ways away.


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