Seven-year-old Fil-Am powerlifter becomes viral hit on social media

While most kids his age would be out in the parks playing the usual sports like basketball, baseball, and soccer, 7-year-old Jordan Mica is in his dad’s garage-turned-gym, pumping iron.

As unusual as it may seem, Jordan has been at this for 5 years now.

“One thing that I always did was just leave a bar out here for him to play around with. And we have videos on his instagram where he literally just picks it up and starts playing with it. And I think it’s natural for youngsters to want to do what they see their parents doing and things like that. So it just progressed into lifting.

And since little Jordan had been carrying around that bar and pumping iron himself, he’s turned into an Instagram sensation.

His Instagram account has now grown to more than 3,000 followers, and most of them admiring his raw power and all-around cuteness.

It may seem like a lot of hard work that most adults may even shy away from, but for this 7-year-old, its just a lot of fun.

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