Seton employees stage rally as their hospital struggles to stay open without a buyer

DALY CITY, CA — Doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals gathered outside Seton Medical Center.

They are making a stand against the uncertain future of their hospital.

Seton’s owner, Verity Health System, declared bankruptcy in August 2018 — and deals to find a buyer has yielded negative results, leaving the hospital only a few months of operating funds left.

“We haven’t gotten any positivity from Verity and no help from them at all. And we want transparency from them. We want them to tell us what their plans are, what’s going to happen to our hospital. Are they really for the good of the community or if it’s just for money?”

Elected leaders have rallied to help find a buyer not just for Seton Hospital but for Verity’s two other facilities: St. Francis Medical center in Los Angeles and Seton Coastside in Moss Beach.

“I’ll tell you the most recent developments and these are just in court filings yesterday is that Verity is going to sell the hospital St. Francis, first in April or May, but there has been no determination on what’s going to happen with this hospital. That is absolutely atrocious news,” said Supervisor David Canepa.

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