“Sesar:” one-man play parallels Shakespeare with Philippine history

At first glance, Shakespeare and the Visayan language have nothing in common.

But “Sesar,” a new play at the Ma-Yi Theater Company, is about to answer that question on how a Visayan boy discovered and fell in love with Shakespeare inside a family bathroom.

Sesar is one-man play about a 14-year-old Visayan boy, his curiosity and new found love of poetry and William Shakespeare.

Partly based on real-life events, Fil-Am writer and actor Orlando Pabotoy says just the like the boy in Sesar, he was first captivated by a Shakespearian speech on a TV show.

In the play, after watching an excerpt of Julius Ceasar on the Cosby Show, the boy locks himself in the bathroom to make sense of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy.

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