Series of strong earthquakes rattle Southern California on July 4 weekend

At 6.4, the Fourth of July earthquake was felt from the Mojave desert, as far down as Los Angeles, Ventura, and San Diego counties.

The small town of Ridgecrest felt the most force.

There were no casualties and a few reports of minor injuries. The quake caused power outages, structural damage and some fires.

About 28,000 people live in Ridgecrest.

The latest census figures show that around 475 Filipinos live in the area.

Among them, Bahay Kubo Filipino restaurant and the Orient Outlet grocery owned by Krista Tizon’s family.

“It’s a pretty close community as well most our store we see a lot of them most of them are customers. because it’s a small town we all know each other,” said Krista Tizon.

With a close proximity to a Naval base, at first she didn’t realize that it was an earthquake.

“We have a lot of earthquakes but I don’t believe I’ve ever had this. Usually a lot of us don’t think much of earthquakes because they do a lot of testing nearby, the military does a lot of testing nearby, when it first happened a lot of us actually just thought it was the base and kept going until we realized it was an earthquake.”

Tizon was about to open up shop at the restaurant when the earthquake truck shortly before 11.

“We were trying to tell everyone in the kitchen get out as soon as possible, and all the power went out so we just turned everything off safely and headed to the store//So many broken bottles but luckily everyone was ok. Normally there would’ve been more people there.

As they ride out the aftershocks, and clean up the mess, Tizon says the store will be closed for the next couple days. Aside from cleared out shelves and broken bottles, she says there seems to be no structural damage.

The quake could be felt 150 miles away, as far as Los Angeles. Where it was the talk of the town, especially among Manny Pacquiao’s entourage.

At least two hundred aftershocks have taken place since the 6.4 earthquake.

The Los Angeles Philippine consulate is monitoring the situation and is encouraging Filipinos to take precautions during the emergencies.

FilAm Congressman TJ Cox, whose district was affected by the earthquake, released a statement thanking the first responders “who give up time with their families on a holiday, so that we can be prepared to respond to emergencies like this one.”

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