Señor Sisig expands food truck business with new restaurant in SF’s Mission District

SAN FRANCISCO — After years of searching for the best location of their newly-opened restaurant along Valencia St., popular Filipino food truck Señor Sisig finally found it in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Fil-Am co-owners Evan Kidera and Gil Payumo said there was a lot of planning that went into opening the restaurant — but they could not be happier with the location.

“We’re from San Francisco, grew up in this area, as well. So we already love the area but you know the brand, and it being in this neighborhood. Once we felt it, it was like okay, this is where we want to be,” said Kidera.

And while their sisig burritos and sisig bowls continue to be food truck hits, they’re offering some food items exclusively at the restaurant.

“We have a bunch of new items on our menu, including the crunchadilla. We have the cali-chonga. We have the tostada and some beverages. We also have beer on tap. So that’s something a little bit different about us here in a storefront people get the stuff that you don’t get in the food truck. So they can come into the restaurant and then notice we’re doing something different,” said Payumo.

Kidera and Payumo said that while they put a lot of effort into the design of their brick and mortar store — they made sure to honor the business’ food truck roots.

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