Senator Bernie Sanders hopes to unite Democrats and rebuild trust

LAS VEGAS, NV — Democratic National Committee chairman and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is back on the road not for campaign, but in a “Come Together, Fight Back” tour, aiming to unite Democrats across the country.

“People are not give you freedom, people are not gonna give you justice, people are not gonna give you dignity,” Sanders said. “If you are not gonna speak up and stand up, and fight for it.”

More than 1 thousand southern Nevadans flocked to the Cox Pavilion to listen to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

During his 25 minute speech, Sanders echoed his campaign platforms during his presidential bid in 2016.

Former labor secretary and now DNC Chair Tom Perez said that the goal of this political duo is to build trust between the Democratic party and progressive Bernie Sanders supporters.

The plan to talk , listen and learn about what the american people are saying in the rural areas across the country.

Kababayans in the audience say that they are delighted to see Sanders back in Las Vegas to talk about raising minimum wage, healthcare for all, and other topics such as free college tuition.

“We are all immigrants from Philippines, specifically those immigrants under attack,” said Democrat Roland Quiros. “Even if its not specifically Filipinos, it’s happening at people that look to them like us we are all at risks”

“We should come out and unite — it should no longer be who you supported before,” said Margie Gonzales. “It’s just one party, one home and one party.”


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