Senate votes to end debate, move forward Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court justice nomination

WASHINGTON DC — The Republican-controlled U.S. Senate voted to move forward Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, 51-49, on Friday.

Undecided Republican Senators Jeff Flake of Arizona and Susan Collins of Maine both voted yes.

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia crossed the aisle and voted yes, and so did Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska who voted no for this procedural vote.

President Donald Trump, as expected, tweeted, “very proud of the Senate for voting yes to advance the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.”

Meanwhile, the rain did not stop hundreds of “Cancel Kavanaugh” protesters who marched from Trump Tower to Times Square in New York City on Thursday.

This anti-Kavanaugh protester believes, that despite sexual allegations and questions on his temperament, there is a chance Judge Kavanaugh may be confirmed to a lifetime appointment in the highest court of the land.

The Senate will proceed with a final vote on Oct. 6.

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