Senate passes budget deal to increase spending on defense and domestic programs

President Trump signed off on a bipartisan effort that would avoid another government shutdown, and comes with strong opposition from some Republicans.

With Trump’s urging, last Thursday, the U.S. Senate passed a two-year budget deal that would increase federal spending on defense and several domestic programs.

But fiscally conservative Republicans opposed the bill, which passed in the Senate by a vote of 67 to 28.

“This may well be the most fiscally irresponsible thing we’ve done in the history of the United States,” said Sen. Rand Paul.

Last week, the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives passed the bill that would authorize $2.75 trillion in new defense and non-defense spending through September 30, 2021.

Fil-Am congressmen of California TJ Cox and Bobby Scott of Virginia are pleased that part of the funding have been allocated for some programs in their districts.

“Funding key government functions is too important to turn into a partisan game, so I’m excited that we’ve reached this vital budget deal,” said Cox in a statement. “I’m especially glad that we’ve locked in $2.5 billion for a secure, timely Census, as the Central Valley is in danger of losing resources and representation if we are not counted correctly.”

Scott said this budget will help avoid another government shutdown like the one which lasted for months earlier this year which he said particularly harmed his district of Hampton roads.

“I voted for the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2019 because it lifts the last two years of the Budget Control Act’s spending caps, eliminates the threat of sequestration, and protects the full faith and credit of the United States by suspending the debt ceiling for two years. This budget agreement will ensure that we will be able to invest in our national security and in the health, financial security and well-being of the American people. This budget agreement will also help avoid another harmful government shutdown, which would be devastating for the nation’s economy, particularly in Hampton Roads. Passage of this bill is a clear repudiation of the harmful cuts proposed by President Trump in his FY 2020 budget. This is a good deal for the American people, and it is fitting that it was passed on the 200th day of the new Democratic majority in the House of Representatives. It highlights our majority’s commitment to fighting for the American people.”

President Trump is expected to sign the bill which would push the annual federal deficit to reach one trillion dollars a year.

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