Sen. Trillanes’ meeting with LA Fil-Am community includes Duterte supporters

LOS ANGELES —  Opposition leader Senator Antonio Sonny Trillanes IV has been in the US for the past week, attending the national prayer breakfast and a roundtable at the Institute for Policy Studies before visiting with several Filipino American communities.

“Marami po objectives Yung akin visita ngayon dito sa United States I was invited dito sa national prayer breakfast officially then marami din mga invitations sa ibat ibang din mga agencya at thinktanks as well as etong pa ikot ikot sa ibang Pilipino communities,” said Trillanes. “Definitely it was a very fruitful dialogue. I was able to get the pulse of the Filipino Americans communities as well as their concerns at the same time I was able to update about what’s been happening in the country.

The senator spoke on several issues from the territorial disputes with China to the president’s war on drugs, and the international criminal courts decision to probe Duterte.

“Malaking impact neto kasi ibig sabihin nito na dumaan na sa initial analaysis at investigation Ng communication na submit sa ICC at ibig ng sabihin eto na validate Nila Yung mga impormasyon na yun. At na big yan ng inpostansya to warrant a preliminary examination.”

He says he continues to raise his voice against the administration despite his belief that his life is in danger.

“This is not an easy job. Buhay din Ang Nakasalay dito. As I mentioned. Si Duterte gusto ako ipapatay sinasampahan ako Ng kaliwang at kanan Ng caso so hindi to madalin trabajo pero kailangan Gawin.  Meron din tayo ilan information na kuha from credible sources na yun Ang gusto gawin ni Duterte. Hindi Malayo yan kasi na Gawa na yan. Nasa Davao pa pinapatayan si Jun Palay Yung crtico nya sa makaroon Ng chilling effect.”

At his Los Angeles stop, hosted by Filipino American Human Rights Alliance, Trillanes met with about 40 community members and took questions from the group, which included President Duterte supporters.

There was a bit of tension between organizers and prominent US-based Duterte blogger Maharlika.

But after the Forum, the president’s supporters showed respect for their opposition.

“It’s great that we’re able to see him in person and I do believe we just want to fight for what is right. If he is right we will support him but if Duterte is right we’re for Duterte. My concern is the progress of our country and Filipino people. For the last 30 years, we’ve been deprived of many things,” said Claire Flores.

Trillanes returned to the Philippines shorty after this official US trip, ready to get to continue his role in what he calls a check and balance system.

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