Sen. Trillanes, Loida Nicolas-Lewis declared ‘persona non grata’ in Davao City

In the Philippines, Senator Antonio Trillanes III and Filipino-American businesswoman Loida Nicolas-Lewis have both been declared ‘Persona Non-Grata’ by the city council of Davao, the hometown of President Rodrigo Duterte.


Trillanes and Nicolas-Lewis were deemed unwelcome by Davao City officials for being critical of the Duterte administration.

Trillanes has repeatedly accused President Duterte of amassing ill-gotten wealth. He also claimed Davao City is the most dangerous place in the country.

Mr. Duterte has accused Nicolas-Lewis of plotting to oust him.

He also accuses her of conspiring with the International Criminal Court to have him investigated for alleged crimes against humanity. But Lewis denied the allegations.

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