Sen. Grace Poe visits SoCal, touts PH anti-corruption improvements

By Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

June 16, 2014

CARSON, Calif – The top vote getter in the 2013 senatorial elections, Grace Poe celebrated Philippine Independence weekend in Southern California from wreath laying at the Jose Rizal monument in Carson, and attending a Kalayaan gala as well.

“For me it’s such an honor to be here, invited to honor our national hero. But more importantly, when I’m here in Southern California, though I’m physically away from the Philippines I feel very much at home,” said Poe.

During her meetings with the Filipino community, Poe trumped the Philippines improving economy and efforts to end corruption, including the pork scam.

“I’m here to assure them that despite the sad news they hear of our country, there’s a lot of positive things going on and that we have not forgotten them, and especially our OFWs and all our kababayans here,” she said.

Last month the 2013 leading vote getter urged the Philippine government to protect whistle blowers who uncover scandals.

She has also called for stricter election monitoring to avoid another “Hello Garci” scandal, in where former President Gloria Arroyo allegedly rigged the 2004 presidential election.

“It’s really important, especially to our kababayans, if you can make the opportunity to be dual citizens so you can vote and you can have a say about what’s going on in our country,” encouraged Poe.

Poe also clarified her future political plans.

“If I can serve in the Senate, I don’t need to seek higher office,” she told Filipinos during her brief speech in Carson.

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