Sen. Grace Poe meets with LA County Fil-Am employees

LOS ANGELES — The LA county Filipino American Employees Association held an evening with global Filipino event, discussing Philippine issues with PH Senator Grace Poe, who is spending the Senate recess vacationing in the US.

In a light-hearted keynote address, Poe shared her struggles and experiences as an overseas Filipino while living in the US. As she talked about the humbling experience, she’s also calling on Filipinos to continue supporting the homeland.

“Like you, I’ve lived here, but I take pride in the fact that all of you. Also, I think we went through a struggle, but we were able to keep our responsibilities and pride intact, and we still continue to love our country, so whatever you can do to contribute, you can go home, you can do community service work, medical missions, anything. I’m sure kababayans will be very grateful.”

While Poe also shared updates of her Senate work which includes advocating for youth nutrition programs, health care and transportation projects, members of LACFEA were inspired by the senator’s messages.

“It moved everybody. For the first time I heard, I did not hear anybody because it was pretty quite everyone the community was very focused in listening to our senator,” said Marge Ordiales.

“She has impressed everybody about the help we could give to the Philippines by staying together, staying solid and helping one another. Very grateful that Senator Poe gave the opportunity to meet and greet her,” said Tony Mendoza.

The first-term senator is up for re-election next year, and she recently topped Pulse Asia’s survey on 2019 senatorial bets.

With the Philippines midterm less than a year away, Poe also dispelled any rumors that she would join any party, saying that she prefers to remain independent.

Poe plans on returning to the Philippines later this week, where she plans to get back to work in the Senate.


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