Security footage shows burglar peeking at sleeping children in Filipino family’s Vallejo home

This is a surveillance video capturing a burglar in a red hood entering a home of a Filipino family in Vallejo, California early Sunday morning — as a woman and her two young children slept.

Video even showed the suspect peeking into the bedrooms where the 4-year-old and 1-year-old was sleeping.

BA sat down with the children’s aunt, Schendelle Bohulano, who is speaking on behalf of her sister and brother-in-law.

Bohulano said the ordeal has been hard on her sister and family.

Bohulano said that the suspect — who is still at large — stole an iPad, beats speakers, and an Apple desktop computer.

According to police, the burglar left behind gloves which have been sent for DNA testing.

Bohulano is confident the police will be able to bring him to justice.

“I feel like this is not his first rodeo. I feel like there’s more to come from him. So I’m confident the police will find this guy, eventually.”

Footage from the neighbor’s surveillance camera captured the burglar appear near the house.

Vallejo police is asking anyone with information to call the station at 707-648-4321.

Meanwhile, Bohulano said her sister’s family have installed a new home protection system and bought a German Shepard pet since the burglary.

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