Second raid of Bilibid prison uncovers private gym and secret doors

By Henry Omaga-Diaz

MUNTINLUPA – Inmate Herbert Colangco’s music room inside the maximum security compound used to be luxurious, rivaling a recording studio.

Now, it’s dusty and littered with odds and ends, after Justice Secretary Leila De Lima ordered it to be dismantled.

Prison Jojo Baligad’s hot tub has also been taken apart, the 48-inch TV and sex toy are gone. Convicted drug lord Peter Co’s lavish, hotel suite-like quarters, have likewise been torn down.

De Lima inspected their cells one by one to ensure that her instructions to dismantle them were followed.

“I’m generally satisfied,” said the Justice Secretary. “The ceilings of some of the cells had to be wrecked because they were used to store contraband items. In the ceiling of convicted drug lord Vicente Sy, the NBI found an air conditioner hidden in the ceiling.

Secretary De Lima also noticed during the inspection that the cell of inmate Hans Tan had a secret door leading to a private gym containing several appliances and exercise equipment. De Lima says she’s unaware that the inmates are hiding many other contraband items.

“I’m giving them until December 24 to surrender drugs and other contraband,” said De Lima.

After De Lima left, Bucor Director Franklin Bucayu announced he has sacked three top officials of the New Bilibid prisons.

Bucor authorities are also investigating who is behind the smuggling of firearms, discovered in the cell of Peter Co, which were found to have been registered under the names of some politicians.

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