Seattle’s ‘Musang’ turns into a community kitchen to help the needy amid pandemic

SEATTLE, WA — Bars and restaurants have been hit hard by closures and restrictions amid the coronavirus crisis, but a Filipino restaurant in Seattle continues to serve the community.

Musang became a community kitchen, preparing meals for people in need for free.

“We decided to do this based on the needs of the community. Currently most restaurants, if not all, are on takeout or closed. There’s about 350,000 employees that have lost work,” said chef/owner Melissa Miranda.

“So we wanted to make sure we fed them. All the schools are closed now and so there’s about 56,000 students just in the Seattle public schools that are without food so we wanted to make sure that they were being fed.”

Musang officially opened just two months ago, but is facing challenges just like other food establishments in Seattle, as Governor Jay Inslee mandated that only take-out and delivery services will be allowed in the state amid the pandemic.

Musang said they want to serve the community that supported them, even when they were still a pop-up business.

This restaurant dream would not have become a reality without the support of the Seattle community, raising $90,000 through a Kickstarter campaign.

On Musang’s Instagram account, Chef Miranda asked for programs that serve families in need to reach out with meal requests. People also have the opportunity to donate via Venmo or Paypal to keep Musang’s community kitchen running — one meal at a time.

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