Seattle Seahawks wide receiver helps furloughed workers at Washington food drive

Fil-Am celebrities have been doing their part to help those who have been affected by the month-long government shutdown.

Football star Doug Baldwin of the Seattle Seahawks announced that he’ll be joining a food drive with hunger relief organization Northwest Harvest.

The food drive takes place from noon to four at the west Seattle Safeway.

The drive encourages people to bring canned goods, non perishable items, and food for babies as well.

About a million Washington residents have been affected by the shutdown.

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  • Mario
    27 January 2019 at 4:43 pm - Reply

    800,000 affected in the shut down, after a week,temporary bill came out to pay 400,000 and backpay for all workers that is why they called it Temporary shutdown. Only 400,000 workers were affected, on the 800K Fed employees, 380,000 are called NON-ESSENTIALS workers, this are political appointees, special funds were created, we called them big government employees. Their only chance to be permanent status is when a regular Fed employee will retire. In PH they call this employees as CASUAL, temporary, no position on the govt PLANTILLA. The 380K guaranteed they will NOT vote GOP, they are all Obama’s time appointees. That shows that the Gov’t can function properly without them.Working with the Federal Gov’t is the most Lucrative job in USA, the average pay of Feds worker is $ 130,000 a year, excluding benefits. Why this non essentials will NOT resign, just wait for their time they are already INSIDE, they are also called Balimbing, will tell you now they will vote for Trump, that is how the game played.