Search for Filipino knocked off rig in Louisiana Gulf Coast

By Associated Press

Oct. 28, 2013

NEW ORLEANS, La. – The Coast Guard said it’s looking for a Filipino welder missing after an accident on a rig in the Gulf of Mexico about 55 miles from the Louisiana coast between Lake Charles and Baton Rouge.

Petty Officer Carlos Vega said 38-year-old Peter Voces reportedly was knocked overboard when an empty “tank barrel” fell on him Sunday evening on a rig south of Freshwater Bayou.
He said Monday that the barrel was for oil. He didn’t know how big it was, why it fell, or where in the Philippines Voces is from.

Vega said Voces was working for Offshore Specialty Fabricators LLC of Houma.

The Coast Guard sent two cutters, two airplanes and two helicopters to look for Voces. Vega says six offshore supply vessels also are searching.

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