School shooting in Historic Filipinotown, 12-year-old taken into custody

LOS ANGELES — On Feb. 1, concerned parents in Historic Filipinotown waited patiently for updates after a shooting occurred on a school campus housing at both Salvadore Castro Middle School and Belmont High School.

Five people were injured as the multi-school campus was locked down. A person of interest, a 12-year-old, middle school-aged female was taken into custody.

The schools were eventually deemed safe after the person of interest was taken into custody. As of the 11AM briefing, classes were to continue through the regularly scheduled day.

The two people that were hurt by the direct gunfire in the classroom are in stable and fair condition, while 3 others hurt from abrasions are in stable condition.

Investigators were still trying to determine the cause of why the young suspect brought a gun into to the middle school classroom.

“They’re working this case very very closely with the school officials that are here and the administrators and school police. Lots to still be determined,” said Robert Arcos, LAPD.

While parents were notified immediately of the shooting, they had to wait several hours for school officials to give them updated information.

The LAUSD has made counseling services available for the students and their families throughout the day.

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