Sanders gets endorsement from nurses union in presidential bid

OAKLAND, Calif. – The nation’s largest organization of nurses has endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders.

This is a big boost to Sanders’ bid for the White House. After all, the National Nurses United (NNU) represents about 185,000 nurses from California to Florida.

Ninety percent of the union is comprised of women and a big number are Filipino.

The nurses chose to support Sanders because of his positions on trade, minimum wage and expanding social security and Medicare.

“The way you push forward a progressive agenda, the agenda we have talked about today is when millions of people stand up and they say to the Republicans you got a choice,” said Sanders. “You are going to vote for a national health care system or you’re not going to have your job. I need you, the trade union movement, and millions of Americans to tell the United States Congress you know what, you’re going to start reflecting the needs of the American people and not just wealthy campaign contributors.”

The NNU says they sent out questionnaires to all democratic and republican candidates and asked all of their members to vote on their candidate of choice based on the answers they provided on pressing issues.

Sanders came out on top with a seven to one margin compared to Hillary Clinton, who came in second.

Fil-Am registered nurses at the rally stood by Sanders because they say he will improve patient care by getting more funding for healthcare through taxing billionaires.

“His platform speaks for the nurse’s values,” said Gus Mata. RN. “This involves healthcare for all, Medicare for all. He is standing for equality for all, education for all, and equality in taxation for all.”

“It’s not enough that we as registered nurses remain at the bedside,” said Zenei Cortez, RN and president of the California Nurses Association. “We need to fight for what’s fair for our patients and communities.”

According to a recent Iowa Democratic Presidential Caucus poll Sanders comes in with 24.7 percent support among likely democratic primary voters and the former secretary of state Clinton, the frontrunner for the nomination, leads at 50.7 percent.

However the 73-year old continues to gain support as a tens of thousands of people gathered in Los Angeles to hear him speak last night.

Some say Sanders have no chance of winning the nomination. But his supporters have faith his momentum will increase especially with the support of everyday people.

“Most of the people in this room unless I’m mistaken are not millionaires or billionaires but they love this country and they’re prepared to fight for this country and they’re prepared to get involved in a grass root movement,” said Sanders.” I think we’re going to bring millions of people into that movement and I think that’s how we’re going to win this election.”

After today’s meeting, the National Nurses United has pledged to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the presidency making them the first national union to do so.

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  • Mario
    12 August 2015 at 4:48 am - Reply

    I hope it will be Sen Bernie Sanders vs VP Joe Biden for Democratic Party Presidential Candidate. Hillary Clinton in grave legal problem on her email server, she destroyed 33,000 email and turned-in 63,000 email. The FBI found 2 Top Secret emails and she is very much in trouble.When it comes to Document Security,”Top Secret” is the highest, followed by “Secret” and “Confidential” being the lowest.Gen Patreaus, life and career was destroyed when the FBI found a “Confidential” docs inside his office, he forgot to locked his office desk.Hillary’s chance is the WH,she is at the mercy of Obama,they should delay the indictment maybe after the election.

  • Delia
    12 August 2015 at 6:20 am - Reply

    @Mario, your hope may come true.Hillary is her own worse enemy, her illegal activities are coming home to roost. Biden is set to replace her as her scandals are now eating a hole into the democratic boat, look for the democrats to jettison her.

    Do you believe in coincidence, but it is odd that the US Government has been hacked more in the last few years since Clinton was Secretary of State than any time before.

    Russia and the Chinese also have all of the top secret material from her email and are anxious for Hillary to be elected President so they can blackmail her and use it against her not to mention the other benefits they got from the classified information in her email.

  • noz
    14 August 2015 at 5:55 pm - Reply

    sanders, and other donkey wannabe prez will get the votes of the over 92million on welfare roll call. the donkey’s platform is socialism with sanders as the extreme, who is campaigning will tax the rich at 90%. the wealthy’s trillions will never ever comeback to america with socialism ideology. then the middle class (BTW have been dead, killed by obobo) will get the brunt of hefty taxations by the socialist donkey. humongous taxations of the rich is a commie strategy, un-american at best. sanders wants america to be like greece. these nurses are way too ignorant to buy into the propagandas of commie sanders, his most outrageous spin is expanding social security and medicare, when these commie donkey politicians, headed by obobo have been robbing the social security, and medicare to fund their unfunded socialist programs, and agendas of free for all / free is good, mojo words in brainwashing society like this bunch of nurses, all into their own self interests alone, not knowing its not good for the country. social security, and medicare money pool bylaw were paid by hardworking americans from day one on the job, up to old age, ready to collect at senior year. the calculations are social security / medicare will be bankrupted by estimated 2030, and sanders clearly is fooling his followers like theses nurses, he will expand them? with what? >hot air. america is in 20trillion debt by 2016, another commie POTUS, the like of obobo will nail america’s coffin.

    • Enigma
      14 August 2015 at 7:58 pm - Reply

      The first and major problem is the amount of people who have been brainwashed to believe that Government is the solution to our Problems. What we need is to re-educate the people to the reality of Big Government.