Sanders focuses on AAPI concerns at Palo Alto town hall

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders met with the Asian American community on Wednesday at a town hall event in Palo Alto, which was attended by over 100 people representing the Bay Area’s diverse Asian population.

Three Filipino Americans were featured on the panel of five, who spoke of their own experiences in their communities, and asked the senator how he would address them as president.

“What’s important to me is that Sen. Sanders makes sure to listen to people who work on the ground and in our communities. It’s also important for us to speak up, too,” Director of Communications for Partners for Progress San Diego Kirin Macapugay said. “The fact that he was willing to come here and listen to us that really means a lot.”

According to the latest NBC News, Wall Street Journal and Marist Poll, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is only leading Sanders by two percentage points in California: 49 to 47.

And as the June 7 primary quickly approaches, both camps continue to campaign throughout the Golden State.

“Sen. Sanders also shared his story. He’s a son of immigrants and this is the United States. We’re the melting pot. We all have a story. We all come from somewhere and we share the same values,” registered nurse at National Nurses United Jane Sandoval said.

Sanders spoke on immigration reform, health care for all and emphasized that in order to ensure homeland security, the U.S. must be willing to assist in other countries in need rather than waging wars.

“I think when we help poor countries around the world build schools, provide health care, make prescription drugs affordable and help them with climate change, when we do those things that is probably an effective way as any to prevent the growth of terrorism in those countries,” Sanders said.

Fil-Ams in the audience said that the senator’s ideas were refreshing to hear especially since it relates to the Philippines.

“He talked about trade policies including the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, the U.S. military pivot to Asia Pacific region and how these would impact our home countries including the Philippines, and also the climate change problems in the Philippines,” President of the National Alliance For Filipino Concerns Terry Valen said. “He’s been doing it more than any other campaign I’ve seen so far.”

CNN delegate estimate suggest that Clinton currently needs 70 delegates to clinch the nomination; However, Sanders has been repeating to crowds across California that his campaign will continue into the Democratic Convention in July.


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