Sanders continues progressive agenda w/ “Our Revolution”

SAN FRANCISCO – As Maria Lander begins her fall semester at San Francisco State University, she like many of her fellow college students who voted for Bernie Sanders are still feeling the “bern”.

“I just feel like he made so big of an impact just running for president and stating his views and what he thinks that his legacy doesn’t stop there,” said Lander.

In a livestream address Wednesday night, Sanders’ continued that legacy by announcing a new organization called “Our Revolution”.

The organization is already experiencing some internal turmoil.

As up to eight staffers, two of whom were top sanders campaign aides throughout the primaries, quit the group.

People left because of “Our Revolution’s” director and former sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver, according to NPR.

They slammed Weaver for his leadership and for structuring the group as a 501(c)(4).

They say as a 501(c)(4), “Our Revolution” will not have to disclose its donors; although, Weaver says in his defense that the structure allows the organization to take accept contributions.

Sanders stood up for Weaver during his Wednesday address saying that he is confident in his leadership after a friendship over the last 30 years.

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    28 August 2016 at 5:36 am - Reply

    With all the nonsense loud talking on TV and going around the U.S., I feel sorry for those who believed uncle Bernie. Sure, there are those progressive views that sounded or appeared compelling that easily captured people’s trust and interest, what did uncle Bernie do at the peak of his campaign? He paved the way to aunt Hillary…Let look at this folks…Say we’re all in a restaurant sitting around a decent size round table , I’d say ten (10) around it…Of course, uncle Bernie, aunt Hillary, you and the rest of the progressives fill in. Uncle Bernie then began loud mouthing and bashing on aunt Hillary. Randomly, aunt Hillary answers back with some coolness or sometimes with temper, otherwise it’s a good conversation. But you don’t see uncle Bernie’s right foot bumping aunt Hillary’s right or left foot…So what now, our revolutions? So he’s going to continue to mislead people and probably invite all of his supporters to gather at the Golden Gate Bridge, sing the I Left My Heart in San Francisco and urge everyone to follow him and jump off…