San Jose Pinoys share mixed reactions to new water restrictions

SAN JOSE, Calif. – When it comes to water consumption, the Malimban family has been very careful.

They’re aware that California is on its fourth year of the worst drought in its history.

With a household of more than six they say they are doing what they can to conserve water.

“When brushing your teeth you have to turn off the water,” said Cleo Malimban. “And when you take a shower you have to limit it to five or ten minutes.”

“Or we could use tabo,” said Connie Ocumin. “We could use a pail of water and use tabo when taking a bath.”

But now the massive California drought has prompted the San Jose Water Company to impose a mandatory water rationing plan which will affect one million customers including 80 percent of San Jose’s population, and well as those living in Los Gatos, Saratoga, Monte Sereno, Campbell and parts of Cupertino.

Customers have to cut water use by 30 percent or face fines.

All single family residences, or homes with their own water meter, will be given monthly water allocations; but apartments and most businesses will not.

“I think if it’s a 30 percent reduction that would be too much, maybe we could go 10 or 15 [percent],” said Cleo.

“Because we use water every day and if we reduce it to 30 percent especially in our household it would put us in a setback,” said Adrian Malimban.

While this family says the new rules may be too tough on them, they feel the penalties will help enforce water conservation

“They continue to overuse the water and it’s not only until there’s a law proposed or something that they want change to happen,” said Adrian. “But it’s also not fair for those saving water that they get their water taken away. “

“With an additional penalty for the water usage that will be a big burden on their part especially if you’re just an average income family,” said Cleo.

The San Jose Water Company says customers will be notified of the change by mail.

Customers will also be invited to a public hearing prior to when the new rules take effect on June 15.

You can contact Rommel Conclara at for more information.

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