San Francisco youth organize against Trump agenda, encourage active participation

by Rommel Conclara, ABS-CBN News


SAN FRANCISCO — This was the scene on the steps of City Hall, where different youth organizations from all over San Francisco came together to send a message of solidarity.

These young people say they will not put up with Islamophobia, transphobia, anti-immigrant policies, nor cuts to education.

They blame the rise of these problems on President Donald Trump.

Fil-Am District 6 Youth Commissioner, Mary Claire Amable, led the rally — and she says that many Filipinos are affected by these issues.

“There’s been talks of a lot of cut backs from funding of education, and a lot of the Filipino youth in this city attend public schools, and that’s a really big issue for us,” said Amable. “There have been multiple attacks in immigrant communities, and we’re one of those communities.”

Student Maverick Ruiz says that the threat of losing education funds from the federal government, because San Francisco as a sanctuary city is a slap in the face of the youth.

“Public education for is so big, because if they take that away… it’s basically one of the biggest options that we have to succeed in life,” Ruiz said. “Without it, pretty much it’s just taking our right to progress in life or become successful.”

These Filipino youth say it is important that the youth play more of an active role during these times in order to achieve change.

“Definitely what the Youth Commission is doing is  trying to empower the youth of San Francisco to speak out for themselves, to lead themselves,” Amable shared. “Because essentially, the youth of this city, we are the future and that’s what’s important.”

Following the rally, the Youth Commission voted on a resolution in opposition to federal attacks on immigrant, Muslim, and transgender communities.


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