San Francisco State University celebrates Filipino mural

Images of the past are represented on this Filipino-American mural.

Moments in time representing the fight against the Marcos dictatorship, and against the wrongful eviction of elderly Filipino tenants at the international hotel.

Heroes if the community are featured, like farm labor leader Philip Vera Cruz and poet Al Robles.

Tens of thousands of San Francisco State University students have glanced upon this mural through the years, and on for that reason — the community celebrates the 15th anniversary of the first Filipino mural in the California State University system.

For these current SF State students the mural is about honoring past heroes as well as knowing that Filipinos are a part of the Bay Area and California’s narrative.


“Our ancestors really are the reasons why we are all here in the first place in the United States and the reasons why we have the rights we have right now because they fought for it,” said Kristal Osorio.


“Kids are growing up in this generation where the more they see themselves represented in certain roles the more they are not only healing from traumas that come from historical stuff, but I think that it gives them a chance they matter.”

Former students who were responsible for the mural’s 2003 inaugural dedication were present for the recent ceremony.


“It’s nothing but a great honor for me to be a part of this, and I’m so glad that I can be here today and show my daughter the achievement we made here and the lasting legacy she can also enjoy for generations to come,” said Maybelle Montano Manio.

Daly City Mayor — Juslyn Manalo — said that it wasn’t easy to get the mural up.

It took running for positions of power to understand the policies and facilitate that their demands were properly carried out — which she says set the example for years to come.


“It also showed us that we needed to be part of the process, both understand it and also be part of the governing body to help move it forward and so I think that just shows what student power can do when we have a collective voice together.”

San Francisco State University was not only the home of the first Filipino mural in the CSU system — it was also the birthplace of the college of ethnic studies.


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