San Francisco missing teen’s father pleas for her to come home

PACIFICA, CA — This is 14-year-old Tyla-Ann Placencia.

She has been missing since September 27th.

In the now 10th week of her disappearance, Tyla’s father, Aaron Placencia, says that despite their close relationship, he still has no reason why she could have gone missing.

Tyla came to the Bay Area just over a year ago having spent her whole life in Hawaii with her Filipina mother.

Aaron admits the transition was not as smooth but says Tyla was able to make friends and grew in popularity as she recently became freshman class president at Oceana High School.

He says everything seemed well, which makes her disappearance more puzzling.

“She had really good grades. She was on the right track. We even talked about college and where she wanted to go and things she wanted to pursue,” says her father Aaron.

Aaron was able to get into his daughter’s phone and social media account but without any success in finding clues to her whereabouts or motive.

“I went through it. We have a private investigator that went through it. We also have the police that went through it and none of us found anything that makes any sense. Everything was just a normal day like school talk, girl talk but nothing indicated that “this is what I’m going to do.”

Aaron says he fears that Tyla may be a victim of human trafficking.

“When you have a beautiful young lady that can make herself look almost 18-years-old, why would not some guy take advantage of that young lady? And that’s the worst nightmare. That’s the worst thing that can happen at this point.”

Police say Tyla may be in San Francisco or San Mateo County and that she may have changed her appearance.

Authorities say that if anyone spots Tyla, they should refrain from approaching her and rather call the police.

Aaron believes his daughter may specifically be in the cities of south San Francisco or San Bruno.

He sends this message with the hope Tyla hears it.

“We can work out this. We can’t work out your life if it’s been taken or taken advantage of. It’s Christmas time. This is the time you should be with your family and not out on the street. So if you see this and you’re hearing this know that I love you,” he pleaded. “It’s been very, very difficult. Sleepless nights and worry about you every night, and I just want you home.”

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