San Francisco Filipino activists lead fight to make public transportation free

SAN FRANCISCO — Groups of various San Franciscans gather downtown to protest the increase of fares for public transportation.

They urge the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency to commit to various changes in order to provide true transit justice.

These changes include making the railway system or MUNI free for all San Franciscans, and increasing wages for transit operators. They are also demanding a safer and more reliable transit system.

Some Filipino American families say they do not agree with the recent decisions of the SFMTA board of directors.

“I’ve been riding buses for years and all I’ve seen is the rapid rise of fare increases but there are no improvements on its reliability, cleanliness, and most importantly, safety.”

Meanwhile — community groups continue to try to have a meeting with the board to discuss an equitable plan for all transit riders.

Effective January 20th, the current rate for a single rider in San Francisco is $3, while free MUNI rides are available for kids four and under and for seniors and the disabled.

According to SFMTA officials, the fare increases will allow the agency to adapt to rising cost of labor and other expenses — to ensure the same level of Muni service for all customers.

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