San Francisco college students march for gun control in #NationalStudentWalkout

SAN FRANCISCO — For 17 minutes, these San Francisco State University students marched — one minute for each person murdered in Parkland, Florida.

SF State students here say that while gun control is a national debate, it was important to remind people on campus that this is an issue worth caring about.


“Even though we are talking about updating gun policies and laws it starts with the mentality here on campus and the people surrounding you,” says student Mikayla Reichhold.


“The bipartisanship in this nation is getting really, so I definitely hope that we can influence somebody,” said Alfredo Lopez.

SF State is no stranger when it comes to political movements.


SF State is the home to the 1968 student-led strike, the longest campus strike in United States history — where Filipino students were involved with other minorities demanding equal access for education, more minority teachers, and a curriculum that embrace more ethnicities.

And while they were joined by thousands more across the country, these students believe their efforts may not immediately lead to better gun control and mental health services — but it’s a start.

“One can’t predict the future. One can only encourage what we do now, the present. That’s the only time we have guaranteed. But I can feel something moving through, definitely,” said Lopez.


“I don’t think it’s today that’s going to make the change. I don’t think it’s going to be tomorrow,” agreed Reichhold. “I think it’s going to be a long haul but I think as a nation we are strong enough to pull that weight.”

Th National Walkout was orchestrated by Empower – which is the youth branch of the women’s march.

According to their website — more than 2,500 walkouts are planned.


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