San Francisco airport’s new Harvey Milk terminal to feature popular Filipino-owned bakery, Goldilocks

SAN FRANCISCO — It may look like every other packed airport terminal in the U.S. — but today, these people will not be boarding any flights.

They were there to attend the grand opening of San Francisco International Airport’s Harvey Milk Terminal 1.

An enormous 380-foot display wall depicts the life and times of civil rights activist, San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk, who was assassinated in 1978.

The $2.4 billion terminal will not just provide domestic travel, but new jobs as well.

“We got a lot of construction projects happening around SFO, and in total, we estimate that all the projects we have going on we’ll have created 25,000 jobs so there’s a big economic impact to the activity you are seeing,” said Doug Yakel.

Featuring various art and modern furnishings, the newly renovated terminal 1 aims to provide a unique shopping and dining experience.

One of the featured stores will be the world-famous Filipino-owned bakeshop, Goldilocks.

“We want to be able to represent everything that’s great about the Bay Area so being able to have a well-known brand like Goldilocks here in this terminal, it gives so many more travelers the opportunity to experience it who may not have it before. And by the way, I just tried it myself, awesome food! Looking to have more of it.”

According to Goldilocks representatives, the SFO location will be the first Filipino restaurant to be featured in all U.S. airports.

“It’s about time to cross over,” said Jo Ann Faulkerson-Kyle. “We are very proud and really excited that from now on, I think we will be accessible to all travelers that come from everywhere around the world.”

During the recent grand opening of Terminal 1 — well-known Goldilocks goods were being sampled and sold.

“We’re selling at a special discounted, special event price to get exposure so people who aren’t familiar with the Goldilocks brand they could try out our food. And inside we have a VIP lounge where we are sampling a mini Filipino feast.”

As of Tuesday, July 23 — terminal one has been used for travel — with nine gates serving flights from Southwest Airlines and JetBlue.

In March 2020, another nine gates will open, along with the official opening of Goldilocks at SFO.

Terminal 1 will operate 25 total gates by the time of its completion in 2023.

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