San Franciscans enjoy first-ever ‘Lumpia Palooza’

SAN FRANCISCO – For the very first time the SoMa Street Food Park hosted a celebration of Filipino cuisine event called “Lumpia Palooza” that featured 12 different vendors in the San Francisco bay area offering their own take on the popular Pinoy dish.

Owner of SoMa Street Food Park Carlos Muela said, “We throw all kinds of fun events all the time. Couple months ago it was poke-con, hamburger festival, national ice cream day, and one day we just thought lumpia because there is such a huge Filipino community here in San Francisco. We have a lot of Filipino customers on the regular and we wanted to do something special for them.”

Filipino foodies say they were proud to share their culture with other San Franciscans.

Jordan Cunanan who came from Reno, Nevada said, “I basically describe to all my friends who don’t know what lumpia is…it’s basically a Filipino version of an eggroll but a million times better so go get some.”

Oover 2,800 people attended “Lumpia Palooza”, according to its Facebook event page, and along with trying different kinds of lumpia they were treated to a lumpia rolling demonstration, a lumpia eating competition, and live music all day long.

Foodies were offered traditional and modern versions of lumpia such as The Lumia Company’s bacon cheeseburger lumpia, Jeepney Guy’s bacon lumpa, and FK Frozen Custard’s turon bar which features a frozen custard bar on the bottom and topped with turon.

These chefs say it doesn’t necessarily matter if there is a right way or wrong way to make lumpia as long as all people enjoy it.

Alex Retodo of the Lumpia Company said, “I think it’s great that people are trying different recipes and having fun with it. It’s all cooked the same that stays true with Filipino cooking methods.”

Dennis Villafranca of the Jeepney Guy adds, “I think everybody loves lumpia and just like this they all came together and came out here knowing there is a ton of lumpia and it makes everybody happy.”

SoMa Street Food Park is a self-described culinary carnival that features a rotation of different food trucks and entertainment for all customers.

Ana Torrea contributed to this story.

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