San Diego on the rise for new entertainment capital

When you think about sunny San Diego, CA it may not strike you as a Showbiz town at first — but if you take a closer look, you see that the glamour glitz and entertainment are on the rise.

From American Idol‘s Jessica Sanchez, to designer Kenneth Barlis, San Diego is becoming a breeding ground for Asian American entertainers.

Hit movies Citizen Kane, Top Gun and Anchorman have all used San Diego as their backdrops — but after a slow decline in recent decades the city is getting back on track, partly thanks to its diverse cultural landscape.

The Pacific Arts movement holds several film festivals each year highlighting Asian American artists.

Los Angeles remains the home of Hollywood — but in recent years California has lost some of its film industry to more tax friendly states and countries.

In the past two years, the city has been making efforts to lure productions two hours south of Hollywood, offering tax breaks to revitalize a san diego film office.

“We do a lot of great work in terms of promoting the arts here in San Diego. This is just a great venue to not only promote the arts but also celebrate the cultures and diversity that we have here in San Diego.”


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