San Diego Filipinos honor outstanding community members, while helping Pinoys in the homeland

SAN DIEGO — A Filipino American Cultural Organization in Oceanside honored community members, while helping the ABS-CBN Foundation raise money for children in the Philippines.

In a season of giving, Filipinos in northern San Diego County are honoring proud Pinoys in the US, while helping children in the homeland.

The annual Hiyas Awards celebrates outstanding Filipinos in the fields of humanity, industry, youth, arts, and science throughout Southern California for a good cause.

“We love to honor these people they really excel in these different kinds of professions, it’s our mission to really recognize them as well, because whatever we raise here, we help our mission,” said president Rein Hanson.

“These are all the outstanding Filipino Americans in San Diego County, and LA county so we are spreading the awards to every outstanding Filipino American that we know,” said Belle Limoge.

This is the sixth time, the Oceanside-based Filipino American Cultural Organization is holding the event.

The 300 attendees also raised $20,000 to help build libraries in Bulacan and Batangas through the ABS-CBN Foundation.

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