Samsung unveils latest smartphone, S8, with new technology and safer batteries

by Don Tagala, ABS-CBN News


NEW YORK — The South Korean electronic giant took over Times Square in NY.

As images of “Samsung Unpacked 2017” jumped from one giant billboard to another, announcing the arrival of the tech company’s latest smartphone: the Galaxy S8.

Samsung’s big reveal took place at the “Unpacked” event in New York city on Wednesday.

The S8 comes with a massive infinity display, for a full screen experience: a 5.8-inch screen, while the S8 plus is 6.2 inches.

Guests at Samsung Unpacked got to play with new tech toys.

Chad Sotelo, who travels a lot for work, says he is most excited about Samsung’s Dex docking station.

Dex dock connects to most monitors, keyboards, and computer mice.

It turns a Galaxy smartphone into a working desktop PC.

“There are times that you want to do some work, send long emails, modify a file. It’s little more difficult using your phone, what Dex allows you to do is use the power of a desktop,” says Sotelo, who is marketing director of Samsung Philippines. “You can use it like any other computer, no other software needed, and it works just fine.”

After suffering big losses from fire-prone exploding Note 7’s – Samsung is hoping to regain its market leadership with the improved smartphone.

“We instituted an 8-point battery check,” Sotelo added. “This is a lot more than the industry does on batteries, so we’re very confident that the issues have all been addressed… it’s not gonna happen again.”

The completely waterproof and dust-resistant phone now comes with new ways to secure and unlock your phones.

The user is now the password: eye print and facial recognition software can easily unlock the phone. No need to type passwords and PIN numbers.

“People can easily copy your PIN, figure out your password. So having that iris scanner is great,” says Michael Josh from Gadget Match. “Just lift up your phone; it detects your iris. As they say, your fingerprints can change over time, but your iris will stay the same even a you grow older.”

The competition for A-I assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Home just got more exciting.

The S8 now comes with Bixby – a smart A-I assistant that can do more.

“It’s going to be a powerful tool to really change the way, not only you interact with your phone, but interact with devices,” Josh said.

S8 also connects with VR goggles and Gear 360 to capture or stream 360 videos easily.

Samsung is hoping that 360 videos and photos will provide new and exciting way to tell stories from all sides.


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