Sacramento protesters post faces and names of victims of police brutality, call for systemic change

SACRAMENTO, CA — Over a hundred people gathered at the state Capitol in Sacramento on July 1 — calling for an end to injustice and police brutality.

On the steps of the Capitol, showed the faces and names of people of color who protesters say were victims of police violence.

While advocates for justice stood in solidarity with the families of those killed by police — they demanded specific changes from elected leaders.

“We are out here saying stop killing us not just though police brutality but we’re also saying death by incarceration. We’re demanding we defund the police, probation, prison, and parole and we’re not going back. We’re fed up and we’re saying enough is enough.”

According to the Legal Services for Prisoners with Children, they want to see 50 percent of the $35 billion given to police, prisons, probation, and prosecutors — reallocated to community-based programs and organizations.

They want to hold law enforcement accountable.

They demand the elimination of all campaign contributions from police unions to district attorneys and judicial races.

They are calling for the deconstruction of all existing institutions supporting structural racism, including abolishing involuntary servitude and immigration, which is an intersection of criminal law and immigration, and restoring voting rights to all Californians.

Wednesday’s action also included registering people to vote, as well as providing information about campaigns to pass ACA 6 to restore voting rights, and to remove slavery/indentured servitude from the California constitution.

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