Robert Mueller agrees to testify publicly about Trump-Russia report

After more than two months of negotiations, Democratic leaders have announced that special counsel Robert Mueller has agreed to testify publicly on July 17 before the House judiciary and intelligence committees — after both panels issued subpoenas to him late on Tuesday.

House judiciary committee chairman Jerrold Nadler and house intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff said in a joint statement that Mueller agreed to testify in an open session about his April report on Russian election interference and whether President Donald Trump obstructed justice.

The justice department declined to comment.

Mueller has been hesitant to testify and speak about the investigation beyond a public statement he issued last month.

Nadler said, “We look forward to having Mr. Mueller testify, as do all Americans.”

Trump took to Twitter to react to the news — saying this is “presidential harassment”.

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  • Mario
    29 June 2019 at 1:19 am - Reply

    Mueller investigation gave the Democrat win on the House during 2018, due to media constant coverages, voters were made to believed that Russia help Trump to steal the election. After 2 years of investigation, $40 Million were spend, 13 Hillary Clinton lawyers and 6 Democrat donors lawyers assisted Mueller, and found NO Russian Collusion and No obstruction… Case is CLOSED….Democrat House Judiciary subpoena MUELLER to testify, and want to re do it again. This will made to believed that MUELLER made mistake and there is really an actual Russian Collusion. This is an actual Communist technique, daily FAKE NEWS publicity on TRUMP. Communist flag symbolized Hammer and Sickle. If you continue to HAMMER the head of a nail it will eventually go down and it is ready to used the sickle to cut his neck.