Roach motivates Pacquiao to push through despite pains

LOS ANGELES – After missing two Pan Pacific runs this week, Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao was back on the road with his morning routine Tuesday, and went nine rounds of sparring in the gym – one more than the scheduled eight-rounder.

Pacquiao broke down his bigger sparring partners despite leg and foot pains.

“We’re getting used to how to defeat Mayweather’s style, and we did nine rounds today,” said chief trainer Freddie Roach. “The last couple of rounds were really terrific.”

“They went at it just toe-to-toe. I like what I see. We’re getting there,” he added.

Roach was far from his usual quiet self during training, as he was vocal during the speed bag, shadow boxing, and jump rope drills, hoping it will help Pacquiao to get over some pains.

“He told me he had a sore leg,” Roach said. “I told him, ‘No you don’t. Just work through it’.”

“Work through it, work through it. Work through it. There’s nothing wrong with your leg. So I was just being positive and telling him to push through. If he hurts his leg in a fight, he has to push through,” he added.

“I think it’s a little bit mental, and Buboy (Fernandez) is telling me it’s a blister on the bottom of his foot that’s bothering him.”

Pacquiao said Roach was simply “encouraging” him.

“Encouraging (me) to focus. Go, go, go like that. That’s good. Kahit pagod ka, let’s go,” he said.

Pacquiao reportedly suffered from leg cramps last week and did not do his morning roadwork routine last weekend.

He returned to Griffith Park on Wednesday morning.

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