RNC packs drama and excitement into first day

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Republican National Convention is in full swing with a lot of drama in true Trump fashion. From protests on the floor, to attacks against Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, to an emotional speech from Trump’s wife Melania, to Trump’s appearance himself, there was no shortage of spectacle on stage. North America Bureau Chief Paul Henson reports.

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  • Mario
    20 July 2016 at 5:34 pm - Reply

    Clintons camp is frightened on Melania, she is so attractive and will pull-in and attract more woman voters. American low information voters lives on Movie Stars and Melania has the Hollywood looks. She is the next Jackie Onassis, and American especially Seniors will be proud again and waiting for a long time to have a charming First Lady. Hillary has nothing to run except she is a woman, undecided woman voters who strictly vote on gender and looks, now have Melania as their new choice. RNC speechwriter, admitted he inserted/corrected(for teleprompter) some speeches from Mrs Obama, and submitted his resignation papers. DJTrump said it was an honest mistake, and told him to continue working with Trump children. All news TV channels kept on repeating Melania/Obama speeches and it backfire, Melania earned my sympathy votes. Donald Trump Jr, delivered an outstanding ovation speeches and again a target from the leftist media. Another threat from Clinton camp, Trump Jr is a good speaker and a role model for the millennium voters. youtube; Donald Trump Jr RNC speech.