RNC beefs up security despite no credible threats

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The stage is set for the grand old party to officially nominate the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio this week.

All roads lead to C-Town—as an estimated 50,000 people, including 15,000 journalists, are expected to attend the four-day convention.

But many of these roads are barricaded for security.

The RNC is designated as a national special security event, which means the Secret Service and Homeland Security has the ultimate authority over law enforcement

“The convention committee has been working closely with the secret service, the FBI, the local Cleveland Police and also all local State Ohio officials who are making sure that we have a safe convention and that we are ensuring that our guests are safe here in Cleveland,” says Ninio Fetalvo. “I’m very confident that that will happen this week.”

While Cleveland authorities say there are no credible threats to the RNC, the security perimeter fence surrounds the ‘The Q’ Arena and other Republican convention venues.

Only properly credentialed delegates, attendees, and media can go through its military style checkpoint.

According to CNN news source, Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams says, “We’ve had a few protest activities, a few marches, and we’ve handled those in a normal way. We’ve had our law enforcement partners on the local side coming into town for the last two days.  We’ve done swearing in ceremonies for those officers to make sure they have the same police powers as Cleveland police officers. They are under the command of myself and the Cleveland Division of Police.”

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson has also stated, “We are prepared and we are prepared not only on the local level but the state and national level.”

Cleveland police say they want their presence in and around the convention to be non-threatening.

RNC police are to wear short sleeves, slacks, and no military equipment.

They are also asking protesters to remain peaceful, to keep both the protesters and the attendees safe at all times.

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