Rita Nazareno recreates longtime brand ‘Zacarias 1925,’ featuring handwoven bags in the Philippines

In her past life, she was an Emmy-award-winning TV producer but family and her passion for design called her back to the Philippines to revive a family business.

Rita Nazareno is now the creative director of Zacarias 1925, a brand of handwoven bags and home accessories proudly made in the Philippines.

With Nazareno’s drive and passion, the brand and her bags have now been seen and featured all over the world with trunk shows in Paris, Milan, and Los Angeles.

Her bags are clearly not the usual designs, Rita gets he inspiration from her various interests.

“You can see that there are some bags where, For example, I have a bag called Bilbao, that I referenced the Guggenheim in Bilbao, and, and they, those are the things that I enjoy and and and that interests me and and and they put that out in.”

Nazareno’ said her career shifts actually led her to be a unique designer.

“I wanted to kind of use my own voice and show my passion and my passions were, you know, the Visual Arts Architecture, so you know so that came out. And I actually make bags for myself and for my friends, and it’s, you know, may not be for everyone but but you know I think there’s a width to it that April, that it has and you know some people see it in some kind of have a giggle or trying to figure out where with the references and I kinda like that, it’s you know it’s not for everyone, it’s for, you know, it’s for people who kind of have maybe perhaps a funny tastes a discerning taste.”

In her trips and shows in the U.S., Nazareno said she has loved the response of the Fil-Am market.

“I’ve been very very encouraged and I’m loving the reaction and it’s been it’s been fantastic. And also it’s coming to a place like the workshop presidents as well where it has a certain aesthetic. And I think it. And it’s kind of in spirit with mine, so you know there are people like that and you know and you kind of find like-minded people find each other,” she said.

This weekend, Zacarias 1925’s pop-up show in San Francisco is in collaboration with Len Cabili of Filip-inna, who showcases artistic woven garments with Filipino artisans, inspired by the traditions of Philippine culture.

You can catch their trunk show at the workshop in Dogpatch in San Francisco until Sunday.

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