“Rice and Shine” Filipino pop-up brunch provides smooth beats and good eats

LONG BEACH — Smooth beats and good eats. This is the mood during Chef AC Boral’s pop-up brunch series “Rice and Shine” — which he calls a reflection of Filipino-American identity.

Boral says that while his dishes are not traditional to the letter, it still is Filipino but with his own flare.

“Every dish that I have like the pancit. It taste like pancit. It looks like pancit. The halo-halo parfait that’s definitely halo-halo. The longanisa scotch egg ,you’re going to get longanisa burps, so that’s how you know it’s longanisa right? That’s really at the core it is for me, my identity on a plate.”

Othe items guests were treated to were the ube mochi waffles, a cucumber salad served with shrimp chips, adobo tacos, and calamansi rose mimosas.

Another part of Chef Boral’s Fil-Am identity can be found in his love for hip-hop music — which he and his friends are blending with his passion for food.

“It’s a big part of growing up Filipino-American for some people, and for us, we decided to go back and play tribute to the things we love when we were younger, so we are doing a Wu-Tang Clan inspired dinner series that eventually going to be 36 courses.”

Chef Boral credits his family for the success in his pop-up brunches, which is why from now on — every Rice and Shine event is dedicated to the memory of his father.

“After he passed it really connected with me, and I understood what I was doing and that was imitating him, and trying to share my love for food the way that he did. So every brunch that I do he’s with me and it’s keeping his legacy alive as well.”

Chef Boral holds Rice and Shine events every month in Long Beach, California — and looks to bring the pop-up brunch to other parts of the country.

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