Review: “A Thousand Cuts” documentary sharp as a knife, will pierce your heart

Opening in select theaters and virtual cinemas this weekend is “A Thousand Cuts”, a thought-provoking look at press freedom in the Philippines embodied by the embattled Rappler CEO Maria Ressa. On the other side of the spectrum is President Rodrigo Duterte—hell bent on punishing those criticizing him.

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  • Mario
    7 August 2020 at 4:07 pm - Reply

    What will be the benefit of Maria Ressa, is she running for President? She should run. Duterte has two more years to go. Congress voted 70-Yes Vote for termination of ABS-CBN franchise and 11 Congressman voted NO-Continuation of ABS-CBN. MARIA RASSA or LENI LOBREDO will only get 15% of the votes. SUNTOK BUWAN, No future, waste of time to watch. No wonder why Pinoys are listening/watching daily from YOUTUBE: “BANAT BY”