Retired Filipino surgeon’s non-profit continues to help developing nations with medical needs

by Monica Galozo, ABS CBN News

CHESAPEAKE, VA — He is a retired surgeon who practiced for nearly 40 years in the Hampton Roads area in Virginia. But Dr. Juan Montero continues to dedicate his life helping those who need medical care.

He has led teams of doctors to developing nations like the Philippines through the nonprofit organization, Physicians for Peace.

Montero has also provided free medical care to those without health insurance through Chesapeake Care Clinic, which he founded in 1992. 

He also established the Montero Medical Missions in 2011 and with the help of fellow Filipino doctors, struggling communities are given eye care, dental care, treatments in prosthesis, reproductive health, as well services for the veterans.

“After doing mission work since 1981, I felt that creating sustainable projects as a legacy of what we do in every country is the way to go…  and we recruit as many expatriate healthcare professionals.”

Montero Medical Missions hosted an inaugural charity gala to raise funds for a dream project —  a floating medical clinic, a boat made of custom fiberglass to be built in Mactan, Cebu, which would cost about $300,000.

“We know that the Philippines is visited by an average 22 typhoons a year, half of which are killer typhoons. It’s very difficult to deliver healthcare equipment or medicines in those far-flung coastal  communities which we have so many of those in the country. So this is just one more delivery system that I thought would be really of tremendous use.”

The gala’s guests and sponsors said they were inspired to help because of the event’s noble cause.

“I’ve known Dr. Montero for a long time and I want to give back to the community so I support his projects.”

The charity gala raised $50,000 from tickets, sponsorships and silent auction, and Dr. Montero continues to raise funds for his dream project that could truly deliver help where it is needed in the Philippines.

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