Resolution barely in sight as government shut down looms

By Don Tagala, North America Bureau

September 30, 2013

WASHINGTON DC – Just hours before the deadline for a deal to prevent a federal government shutdown – the US Senate rejected on Monday a proposal by the house passed Sunday that would fund the US government thru mid-December – aimed to prevent the shutdown but still delaying the Affordable Care Act by a year.

“The American people are worried about their job. They’re worried about their incomes rising because they’re all under pressure. The economy’s not growing. Why is it not growing? One of the issues that’s standing in the way is Obamacare.” House Speaker John Boehner said,”It is time for the Senate to listen to the American people just like the House has listened to the American people.”

North Carolina Republican Representative Renee Ellmers said, “I will say that I am confident that the government is not going to shut down. That’s the last thing that we need. I don’t want to give the government checkbook to Barack Obama and that is exactly what will happen. Obamacare will continue to get funded and he will be able to pick and choose what he continues to fund.

After meeting with his economic team at the White House Sunday afternoon, President Obama has threatened to veto any measure that delays or defunds Obamacare.

On Monday, Obama said, “There’s not a world leader if you took a poll who would say it would be responsible or consistent with America’s leadership in the world for us not to pay our bills. We are the foundation of the world economy and the world financial system and our currency is the reserve currency of the world.

Democratic leaders want a House vote on the Senate’s funding bill — that leaves Obamacare out of the mix

DNC Chairwoman Debbi Wasserman Schulz said, “We should pass a clean CR. That’s what will come back from the Senate. The ball is in the Republican’s court. No, we will not associate jeopardizing the economy with whether or not everyone in America is going to have access to health care. That’s irrational and irresponsible.”

Filipino-Americans in Tampa, Florida have mixed reactions.

“ I don’t think its holding hostage, in this country there’s always checks and balances, and I feel that the current Democratic Government, I think they’re overspent, I think we need to check that, if they are not listening to other things that we are saying, it’s not gonna pan out,” explained Registered Republican, Carolina Remorca.

“It’s bad politics, for one thing, the Republicans should realize that it’s gonna be an issue against them, and hopefully they will come to their senses and do some compromise.” said Registered Democrat Rafael Pascual.

“It’s sad that we’re in this cat and mouse scenario, if you do this I’ll do this but if you don’t do this I’m not gonna do it either, I believe Obamacare is good, it’s good for the entire country particularly those who cannot afford medical insurance but there has to be a meeting of the minds at midpoint somewhere,” said Republican turned Independent, Larry Cummings.

While the Republicans have argued that they have budged — by funding the government to prevent a shutdown but still delaying Obamacare, the senate is expected to strip out the Obamacare delay and send it right back to the house.

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