Republika: upcoming retail space in SF’s South of Market to showcase Filipino goods

SAN FRANCISCO — For the past three seasons, downtown San Francisco has been the home of Undiscovered SF.

Through the monthly night markets, Filipino food vendors, retail merchants, artists, and community organizations have thrived.

Now the organizers behind Undiscovered SF are presenting their next phase of strengthening the Filipino community in the South of Market, through a more permanent retail space called Republika — a 3,600 hundred square foot space that will hold between six to eight vendors.

“Undiscovered, the great thing about it is it brings a lot of people together under one roof. We got hella vendors. We got 50 retail, 20 food vendors but what if you take the very cream of the crop of those vendors, instead of having them be here in the cultural district, five times a year, whatever if they’re here, 365 days out of the year. That’s the game changer. It’s taking the energy that we take with undiscovered and making that an everyday occurrence and that’s what Republika is about.”

Republika will be located on the ground floor of the fifth and mission garage, a prime location for local and tourist traffic.

“It’s a great location between fifth and fourth right on the backside of Westfield mall. So it’s going to get a lot of foot traffic and we’re going to have events. We’re going to have things changing. We’re going to have history night. We’re going to have talks there and we’re going to have all these great stores that are going to sell great, great product.”

Organizers said this next phase would not be possible if it were not for the commercial success of the undiscovered night markets.

“Our first year of undiscovered we generate over $250,000 for all of the vendors. The following year we get $270,000 which is an 8% increase. Right now in our third season we’re trending way higher than that. Our first Undiscovered here in July, $80,000, when typically it’s like $50,000. I look around today and I’m looking at like you know what we can might even hit $90,000 today.”

Those who are interested in helping fund Republika — can go to the website REPUBLIKASF.COM.

Different reward levels for monetary support include Republika merchandise to your name on the wall of backers.

Organizers are planning to begin construction of Republika by January 2020 with an opening either in the summer or fall of the same year.

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