Republican Pinoys find reaffirmation in Trump’s town hall

President Donald Trump’s performance in his own town hall Thursday boosted the confidence of his most loyal supporters. They say the chief executive was able to hold his own, despite the insistent line of questioning of the moderator. Steve Angeles reports.

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  • Ace Acedera
    17 October 2020 at 12:17 am - Reply

    Contrary to MSNBC’s claim that there were more people who watched Tito “D’Slippy” Joe Biden’s town hall last night, President Trump very strongly answered the tougher questions he was ask with computer-assisted prompts. During the town hall, it was obvious that Savannah Guthrie was frequently interrupting President Trump before he can finish his answer. However, one of the viewers sitting behind President Trump came forward to let America know she is supporting the President despite of the many misguided people attacking her. It is also informational to note that some Democrats in Stockton (e.g. Heneral Tiago Del Mundo, Rob Namba & Homer Quismorio “were irritated” and blood pressure was elevated…