By Balitang America Staff

Mar 18, 2013

Despite strong opposition from a number of conservative Republican leaders, the Republican National Committee (RNC) formally endorsed immigration reform today. In a speech before the National Press Club in Washington D.C., RNC Chairman Reince Priebus released recommendations that could impact the future of the Republican party.

Priebus said, “When Republicans lost in November it was a wakeup call and in response I initiated most public, most comprehensive post-election review in history of any national party. We wanted assessment that was frank thorough and transparent. To get a fresh start, we had to be honest with ourselves and with our voters.”

Priebus revealed that the party plans to spend $10 million to reach out to minority groups — gay voters among them — in an effort to make the GOP more “welcoming” and “inclusive” for voters who supported Democrats in the 2012 elections.

Republicans like Florida Senator Marco Rubio are already working toward bipartisan immigration reform that would likely include a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter slammed this idea in a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference over the weekend, saying, “If amnesty goes through, America becomes California and no Republican will ever win another national election.”

Priebus refused to say whether comprehensive immigration reform should include a pathway to citizenship.

He said the RNC plans to send hundreds of paid workers to do outreach to Hispanic, Black and Asian communities all over America by the end of the summer to tell them that the Republican party also cares about them.

The set of recommendations to improve the party’s image also advises Republicans to take a harder stance against corporations that give millions of dollars in bonuses to its CEOs, but no meaningful raises to its employees.

Republicans said that the perception that it is a party that upholds the interests of the rich is not helping their cause.

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