Report: 263 Catholic clergy, including 2 Filipino priests, accused of sexual misconduct in the Bay Area

The Roman Catholic Church continues to grapple with explosive revelations of more and more priests all over the United States found to have abused children, with dioceses around the country disclosing names of priests accused of misconduct.

The latest to have emerged in this ongoing crisis is a report published by the law firm of Jeff Anderson and Associates, which reveals 263 Catholic clergy in the San Francisco Bay Area who are accused of sexual misconduct.

135 accused offenders are in the Archdiocese of San Francisco, 95 accused offenders in the Diocese of Oakland, and 33 accused offenders in the Diocese of San Jose.

BA has confirmed that at least two of the priests in the list are from the Philippines, brother Joseph Gutierrez Cervantes and Father Jose Superiaso.

Meanwhile, Washington DC attorney general Karl Racine announced that his office is investigating the Archdiocese of Washington for any signs of a clergy sex abuse cover-up.

This makes DC the 14th state or district to investigate the Catholic Church for covering up sex crimes.

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