Report: Pennsylvania millennials are leaving the state for job opportunities elsewhere

LEHIGH VALLEY, PA — A report from the state of Pennsylvania shows that the state’s millennial demographic are making the big move to other states for better opportunities.

We talk to some millenials in the suburbs who say salary and job openings are just some of the reasons why they’re leaving the keystone state of Pennsylvania.

Educated millennials are leaving Pennsylvania in search for career opportunities in other states, according to the state’s independent fiscal office.

“Job opportunities in Pennsylvania, for me as a physician assistant are a little bit limited, in terms of what I want to do. I want to do cardiology right off the bat as a new grad,” said Jonathan Tabuzo.

Tabuzo claims salary for physician assistants in the keystone state are among the lowest in the country, so he is applying elsewhere in Baltimore, Arlington and Boston.

But full-time lab technician and grad student Natasja Soluta is staying put.

“I definitely think Pennsylvania allows more opportunities than anywhere else, especially in the pharmaceutical and the biotech pharmacy. I feel like there’s more careers here for me,” she shared.

Pennsylvania has the 2nd highest student loans debt in the country.

The national average is $37,000, and Pennsylvania averages $35 thousand for undergrad.  Student loan debt nationally for grad students are as much as $161 thousand for medicine and the health and science fields.

“Student loans aren’t really an impact on my job search, but I know a lot of my classmates are over $100,000 in student loans, and it definitely impacts where they are looking.”

“I do not believe that millennials are leaving the area for the lack of opportunity, I do think they are leaving the area for bigger opportunities,” said job recruiter Rosemary Larson.

It could be location. Pennsylvania  is close to New York City, New Jersey and Maryland. Regardless, opportunities are here, says fellow recruiter Rosemary Larson.

“With the economic development and all the monies that are offered to companies to come to this area, there’s just tremendous opportunity.”

“There are jobs out there that you can find easily on job boards. The hidden job network  are 50-60% statistically of the jobs out there,” said David Newton, Lehigh valley professionals executive chair. “We teach them how to find those jobs, and how to be prepared to land those jobs.”


While statistically millennials are leaving the state, there are programs here that give job seekers opportunities.


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