Report finds California police worked with alt-right, neo-Nazi group to arrested counter-protestors

DALY CITY — This is the June 2016 video of Yvette Felarca — hitting a man, as she was part of a counter-demonstration against a white supremacist group.

Her actions on that day at the California state capital in Sacramento led the Sacramento County District office to charge her with inciting and participating in a riot and assault likely to cause great bodily injury.

However, according to court documents, California Highway Police worked with white supremacists to identity counter-protesters like Felarca.

According to The Guardian, records show officers expressing sympathy with white supremacists and attempting to identify key leaders of anti-fascist groups.


Felarca, who recently guested on BA, says in light of this discovery, the charges against her and her two fellow anti-fascists should be dropped.


“It’s been selective prosecution and discriminative prosecution have been the motivation behind the charges against us. They have no argument and no case against us.”


Court documents include transcripts of exchanges between officers and members of the Traditionalist Worker Party or TWP– known as a self-described nationalist group linked to the alt-right.

Officers also worked with TWP member Derik Punneo to try to identify anti-fascist activists, recordings revealed. The officers said, “We’re pretty much going after them,” and assured him: “We’re looking at you as a victim.”

In the conversation — an officer asks for the assistance of the TWP, while another transcript has an officer saying they are going after the anti-fascists.

Felarca says this legitimizes her advocacy.

“Those of us who are standing up against the growth of fascism and for immigrant rights, against racism are for the right for us to exist and to really have and therefore the right to critically think and question and also find solutions as a community.”

Felarca’s next court date is April 20th — where she and her two of fellow anti-fascists plan to bring a motion for their charges to be dropped and dismissed.

BA reached out to the CHP for a comment on this case. At the time of this broadcast, no reply has been received.


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